Global Access Partners is an independent non-profit institute for active policy that initiates strategic debate on the most pressing social, economic and structural issues facing Australia and the world today. It acts as a catalyst for policy implementation and new economic opportunities.


GAP looks beyond the “what”
and “why” of policy discussion, focusing instead on the “how”
and “who” of policy delivery. Established in 1997, GAP is a member of
TCG Group — a diverse and growing network of Australian-owned companies founded over forty-six years ago.


Through our pioneering 'Second Track' programme, we foster links between community, government and business and promote innovative, cross-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving. Our alumni network comprises over 3,500 members.

We run multidisciplinary taskforces, forums, workshops, consultative committees, research and feasibility studies, online collaboration, executive consultancy, joint ventures and business missions, both in Australia and internationally.

For every project, GAP contributes one third of the budget and raises two thirds in sponsorship. Learn more about our funding model.

More than 600 people are actively engaged in various GAP projects on a regular basis, and close to 100 sponsors fund various GAP projects.

We work with federal and state governments, major corporate enterprises, peak industry and community bodies, universities and research institutes.

Building back better

'Building back better': Post-COVID age diversity agenda

On 4 June, Global Access Partners, in association with the NSW Department of Communities and Justice and the GAP Standing Committee on Productive Ageing, hosted a virtual business roundtable to consider the post-COVID future of Australian workplaces. Read its final report and recommendations.


The new edition of BESS is out!

The second issue of BESS explores the potential of Second Track processes to tackle wicked problems by focusing on several specific examples, from mergers and acquisitions, responses to the pandemic and university-industry collaborations to Pacific development, disruptive technologies and workforce transformation.

First 5000 consultation

First 5000: Have your say

How is your company going to do things differently post COVID-19? What does the new normal look like for you? First 5000, GAP's business development alliance for Australia's most significant medium-sized businesses, is inviting you to have your say on a range of topics affecting your business. Go to First 5000 LinkedIn page to participate.

National Resilience

GAP Taskforce on Resilience

We are launching a new 'Second Track' taskforce on national resilience to engage public and private sector thought leaders in a conversation about creating a national resilience framework to safeguard Australia against future emergencies. The group’s findings will inform the agenda for GAP’s Annual Economic Summit later in 2020.

GAP Summit on Lifelong Learning

GAP Summit calls for better career education in schools

Beyond Education: Lifelong Learning for Australia's Future, held on 19-20 September in NSW Parliament House, discussed ways to prepare new generations of Australians for a future characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Read the Summit's final report.


Global Access Partners Response to COVID-19

Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, and in line with official advice, Global Access Partners will hold most future meetings of its various taskforces and committees by teleconference, starting from Tuesday, 17 March, until further notice. Please read our response to COVID-19.