Productive Ageing

The impact and economic benefits of prevention and early intervention to help mature-age workers with health issues remain in employment are being explored by the GAP Standing Committee on Productive Ageing.

On 23 May 2017, GAP hosted the second in a series of strategic discussions on the health benefits of work and early intervention.

The Roundtable considered ways to encourage recovery at work after soft tissue injuries and the opportunities for larger-scale implementation of best-practice return-to-work protocols. Latest research shows that by improving RTW rates for injured employees, organisations can reduce absenteeism, improve health and work outcomes for injured workers, and cut government and employer costs.

The Roundtable was an initiative of Global Access Partners and the GAP Standing Committee on Productive Ageing and was sponsored by NSW Family & Community Services, State Insurance Regulatory Authority, Insurance & Care NSW (icare) and WorkSafe Victoria. The event built on the outcomes of the First Roundtable Recovery at Work: A New Way of Thinking About Work Injuries held on 5 May 2016.

The GAP Standing Committee on Productive Ageing (formerly GAP Taskforce on Productive Ageing) is a multidisciplinary policy group of senior government, business and academia representatives brought together  to discuss ageing and employment issues and develop sustainable policy approaches to improve national productivity and economic outcomes for workers aged 45 and over. It comprises 40 members and is supported and funded by GAP, the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and the Federal Department of Social Services.

Since its establishment in June 2014, the Committee identified a series of strategies and workplace improvements to help Australia’s ageing population stay in the workforce for longer. Based on strong evidence from several existing pilots, the Committee believes that these strategies can have a significant impact on mature-age employment and productivity in New South Wales and wider Australia if implemented more broadly.

The Committee was formed following the GAP/ACHR Conference on Productive Ageing ‘A Future without Age’ held in May 2013 at NSW Parliament House.  The high-level gathering advocated better coordination of policy at all levels of government and across all departments to encourage positive ageing, and called for the development and implementation of an overarching national ageing strategy.

GAP is currently facilitating three expert working groups to implement the recommendations of the Standing Committee.


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