Global Access Partners Pty Ltd is an independent non-profit institute that initiates strategic discussions on the most pressing social, economic and structural issues and challenges facing Australia today.


GAP was established in 2000 with a mission to increase stakeholder participation in the development of government policy. It is a member of the TCG Group of companies - a diverse and growing network founded over 40 years ago.


Through our pioneering 'Second Track' programme, we foster links between community, business and government to streamline the process of problem solving and develop novel approaches to public policy formation.

GAP runs multidisciplinary taskforces, forums, conferences, seminars, consultative committees, research and feasibility studies, online collaboration, executive consultancy, joint ventures and business missions, both internationally and in Australia.

More than 500 people participate in various GAP activities on a regular basis, and close to 100 sponsors fund various GAP projects.

Our diverse initiatives and ventures focus on practical ways to support social progress and drive economic efficiency.

Launch of the GAP Taskforce on Self Care report

Health Minister launches the GAP Taskforce report

On 23 June, the Hon. Sussan Ley launched the latest GAP report on the role of health literacy and responsible self care in improving public health outcomes and reducing government expenditure.

A Vision for Australia

GAP Community - A Vision
for Australia

In 2015, Global Access Partners are developing a robust 'big-picture' vision and a roadmap for Australia's increasingly diverse society over the next decade and longer term. To contribute, click here.

GAP Jobs Summit

National Economic Review: GAP's 6th Growth Summit

The Summit will consider the current trends and disruptions shaping the future of employment and identify the challenges and opportunities facing individuals, employers, education providers and policy makers.