Global Access Partners is an independent non-profit institute for active policy that initiates strategic debate on the most pressing social, economic and structural issues facing Australia and the world today. It acts as a catalyst for policy implementation and new economic opportunities.


GAP looks beyond the “what”
and “why” of policy discussion, focusing instead on the “how”
and “who” of policy delivery. Established in 1997, GAP is a member of
TCG Group — a diverse and growing network of Australian-owned companies founded over forty-six years ago.


Through our pioneering 'Second Track' programme, we foster links between community, government and business and promote innovative, cross-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving. Our alumni network comprises over 3,500 members.

We run multidisciplinary taskforces, forums, workshops, consultative committees, research and feasibility studies, online collaboration, executive consultancy, joint ventures and business missions, both in Australia and internationally.

For every project, GAP contributes one third of the budget and raises two thirds in sponsorship. Learn more about our funding model.

More than 600 people are actively engaged in various GAP projects on a regular basis, and close to 100 sponsors fund various GAP projects.

We work with federal and state governments, major corporate enterprises, peak industry and community bodies, universities and research institutes.

ICDP Launch and Pacific Connect Reception

ICDP Launch and Pacific Connect Reception

On 27 August 2018, ICDP is hosting a reception in Sydney to celebrate its first anniversary and achievements in progressing the Australian government’s Pacific Connect program to build strong relationships with emerging Pacific leaders.

Inaugural Pacific Connect Forum

Inaugural Pacific Connect Forum in Sydney

The digital future of the Pacific and the power of rapidly expanding regional connectivity to transform the economies and livelihoods of our closest neighbours will be the focus of the Pacific Connect Forum on 6 September 2018 at NSW Parliament House.

GAP Summit on Digital Trade

Digital Trade and Opportunities for Our Region

Global Access Partners' 9th Annual Economic Summit A Vision for Australia, to be held on 6-7 September 2018 at NSW Parliament House, will focus on digital trade as a key driver of growth and innovation and opportunities for Australia.

Cyber Security Report

Protecting the new frontier

A single home affairs portfolio should assume responsibility for all cyber security activities, as cyber attacks on Australian agencies, businesses and individuals continue to escalate in number, sophistication and severity, argues the GAP Taskforce on Cyber Security.

housing affordability consultation report

Online consultation report released

From better transport and curbs on foreign investment to alternative ownership models  and innovative building methods - read our summary of public submissions to GAP's online consultation on housing affordability held in April-May 2017.

The Australian Space Initiative: GAP Report

A public/private partnership model for Australia's first space agency

A Space Industry Taskforce organised by Global Access Partners advocates the creation of a commercially focused national space agency in its own report, submitted to the Australian Government in August 2017.