Why partner with GAP?

1. Most think tanks stop at delivery – We focus on implementation.

2. No-one ever asks “what’s next” after a conference – We do.

3. Most policy think tanks remain prisoners of political affiliation - We are independent.

4. Discipline-centered approaches do not solve complex problems – We practise and encourage cross-sectoral collaboration.

5. Most public policy forums lack cohesive mechanisms for synthesising the contributions of attendees – Our reporting strategy sets us apart.

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Stakeholder Analysis

GAP's stakeholders comprise Federal and State governments, major corporate enterprises and industry bodies.

Of the total amount of external stakeholder investment, up to one third derives from government sources, with the remainder contributed by industry. This means that every dollar invested by government leverages two dollars from the private sector.

We test our ideas with the market by seeking sponsorship to cover the costs of activities and events. For each project, GAP contributes approximately one third of the total budget (33%) and raises two thirds in sponsorship (67%).