How to join GAP

There are no current vacancies at Global Access Partners, but if you would like to be considered in the future, please send us your resume to

Internship opportunities

GAP offers an internship programme as part of its sponsorship agreement with Partners. The purpose of the programme is to provide bright, enthusiastic and committed junior executives with a unique opportunity of being involved in the organisation of prestigious national and international conferences and forums. GAP events bring together government, industry, business and academia and focus on practical economic outcomes for those involved. 

The GAP internship programme develops abilities in communications, creative thinking, problem solving, project management, event strategic planning and group interaction. Interns have an opportunity to broaden their networks of business contacts, develop their curricula and pursue further career goals.

One of GAP's long-term objectives is the development of a next generation network of emerging talents across the country in a variety of careers - from academia to business and government. Through their involvement in the GAP networking process, interns will have an opportunity to build their personal contacts with these capable, success-oriented young people who will soon assume the leading role in shaping Australia's future.