GAP Response to COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, and in line with official advice, Global Access Partners will hold most future meetings of its various taskforces and committees by teleconference, starting from Tuesday, 17 March, until further notice.

We are also adopting appropriate precautions to protect our team members, and they will be encouraged to work from home whenever possible to avoid unnecessary travel.

As many of you know, GAP is relocating to new offices at 24-30 Wellington Street, Waterloo on Wednesday, 18 March, and we are looking forward to using our enhanced video and telecommunication facilities to improve remote engagement with you all in the future.

We have promoted online engagement for twenty years through Open Forum, First 5000 and other assets which now attract over 10,000 monthly visitors. We look forward to strengthening these community capabilities, and encourage you all to use our online communication channels.

Over 1,000 participants of the GAP network are currently engaged in 30 projects and taskforces over 9 industry sectors, and we look forward to participating in the collective effort to manage the current health crisis.

This is clearly a fluid and fast-developing situation, but through mutual support and continued effort we will find new ways to work and collaborate and develop fresh opportunities for the future.

We look forward to your continued engagement at this challenging time, and welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

The GAP Team