Social Progress

An inspiring presentation by Professor Bob Cummins of Deakin University at Global Access Partners' inaugural National Economic Review Summit in September 2010 highlighted the importance of measuring the quality of life beyond traditional economics.

Following the Summit’s resolutions, a GAP taskforce of senior government, industry and academia representatives worked throughout 2010-2011 to consider fresh and inclusive definitions of economic and social progress and their integration into national policy.

The group found significant support among policy makers for such measures and agreed that existing efforts could increase their impact through better communication and coordination.

One of the Taskforce’s key recommendations was to move the wealth of research work out of academia into the mainstream of Australian social, commercial and political life. The Taskforce advocated the creation of a permanent, membership based organisation – the Australian Society for Progress & Wellbeing - to drive consolidation of measurement frameworks, facilitate collaboration between interested parties and channel appreciation of these measures to decision makers.

The Society was formally constituted in November 2013, registered with ASIC in January 2014, and launched at the National Economic Review 2014 Summit in NSW Parliament House on 18 September 2014.

For more information about the Society and how to become a member, please visit its website at

Current projects

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:: GAP Taskforce on Productive Ageing

:: GAP Taskforce on the North, Agriculture and the Environment

:: National Economic Review - the Future of jobs: Global Access Partners 6th Annual Growth Summit - 17-18 September 2015, NSW Parliament House, Sydney

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