Regulatory Affairs

Fostering novel solutions to regulatory problems has been one of the key overall objectives of GAP from its inception.

Institute for Active Policy (2012). GAP is pursuing its idea of an Institute for Active Policy, an independent organisation supporting evidence-based policy-making. The Institute would improve and accelerate the political decision process by creating sustainable networks among government, public service, business and the civil society. Such networks would facilitate cross-disciplinary and collaborative approaches to the many regulatory challenges facing Australia.

GAP Congress on Regulatory Affairs: Opportunities for Business (2008). Attended by the top echelon of government and industry, the congress championed a forward thinking approach to how Australian businesses can use regulation to their advantage. During the congress, the ‘Second Track’ Process was officially endorsed by the Australian Government as a valid method of government consultation, and the National Consultative Committee on ‘Second Track’ Processes was established as a follow-up.

Regulating in Technology-Rich Environments Task Force (2008). This group investigated the telecommunications specific provisions and access regime in Parts XIB and XIC of the Trade Practices Act 1997 and developed recommendations for regulatory reform, with a view to encouraging investment, competition and innovation in the telecommunications sector. The policy paper "Directions for Reform of Part XIC of the Trade Practices Act 1997" was put forward as a possible framework for moving the process forward.

Creating a Better Regulatory Environment for Innovation: Forum on Victoria’s National Innovation Agenda (2007). This forum stressed the need for Australia to become a ‘regulatory pacesetter’ to successfully compete in the global market, advocated the creation of a “centre for smart regulation” and highlighted opportunities for fiscal policy reform.

Current projects

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:: GAP Taskforce on Productive Ageing

:: GAP Taskforce on the North, Agriculture and the Environment

:: National Economic Review - the Future of jobs: Global Access Partners 6th Annual Growth Summit - 17-18 September 2015, NSW Parliament House, Sydney

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