Knowledge Capital

The issue of managing, measuring and reporting 'intangibles' has been a focus of several projects initiated by Global Access Partners over the last decade.

GAP Congress on Knowledge Capital (2005)

How businesses measure and report their knowledge-based assets under current accounting practices, and what are universal standards for knowledge capital assessment were the key discussion topics at this strategic international conference in November 2005 at Parliament House of Victoria. The conference culminated in the signing of the ‘Melbourne Protocol’, a petition of support for improving productivity and performance through better management of knowledge and innovation. The principles summarised in the document - 'Australian Guiding Principles on Extended Performance Management' - were adopted by the Society for Knowledge Economics (SKE), which announcement was welcomed by Congress delegates.

GAP Forum on Leveraging Networks in Business (2006)

Promoting the concept of international partnership, the forum focused on the development of a framework that would allow Australian businesses to effectively leverage their global networks. The direct outcome of this event was the establishment of Open Forum in 2007 - an online community facilitated by GAP.

Vendor Management & Outsourcing Forum (2002)

This highly successful forum, organised by GAP in Sydney in November 2002, brought to Australia Paul Strassmann, former CIO of US Defence. The speaker introduced his concept of knowledge capital to a distinguished audience of senior government figures and business executives. The direct outcome of the forum was the establishment of the Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital (AGCCKC) – a permanent body with a mandate to build recognition of knowledge capital and develop universal standards for its assessment in the financial reporting of government affairs and private enterprise.

Current projects

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:: GAP Taskforce on Productive Ageing

:: GAP Taskforce on the North, Agriculture and the Environment

:: National Economic Review - the Future of jobs: Global Access Partners 6th Annual Growth Summit - 17-18 September 2015, NSW Parliament House, Sydney

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