Information & Communications Technology

Taskforce & Workshop on Cloud Computing (2011)

Established in August 2010 by GAP in collaboration with the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, the Taskforce on Cloud Computing discussed public policy issues arising from the adoption of Cloud computing in Australia, with a particular focus on industry development opportunities, consumer and small business protection, security and privacy. The Taskforce produced six broad recommendations for the Australian Government and presented its report in May 2011.

These recommendations were explored during a one-day executive workshop in Sydney on 24 June 2011. The GAP Workshop on Cloud Computing regrouped under four broad themes - Cloud computing's relationship with the National Broadband Network, the opportunities Cloud computing offers businesses, issues of security, privacy and trust and, lastly, the implications of the Cloud for consumers and small businesses. The workshop had highlighted the different perspectives of various interest groups which could usefully inform public policy deliberations.

The National Standing Committee on Cloud Computing (NSCCC) was established in response to one of the key recommendations of the GAP Taskforce on Cloud Computing.

Government Technology Optimisation Group (2009)

A forum of government and industry representatives from a wide variety of agencies and sectors identified opportunities for improved technology utilisation in public service delivery, work practices, operating infrastructure and business process.

Regulating in Technology-Rich Environments (2008)

This group investigated the telecommunications specific provisions and access regime in Parts XIB and XIC of the Trade Practices Act 1997 and developed recommendations for regulatory reform, with a view to encouraging investment, competition and innovation in the telecommunications sector. The policy paper "Directions for Reform of Part XIC of the Trade Practices Act 1997 was put forward as a possible framework for moving the process forward.

Virtual Opportunity IV: Identity & Access (2006)

Legal, technological and governance frameworks needed to protect our privacy in the information age were discussed at the Virtual Opportunity Congress, in Brisbane in December 2006.

Virtual Opportunity III: Security and Risk (2003)

With the support of the Commonwealth and NSW Governments, and the representation from the OECD, UN and EU, the congress promoted understanding of opportunities presented by the information age, with a specific focus on security and risk as engines of global economic activity. Following the conference, GAP established the National Consultative Committee on Security & Risk (NCCSR), a permanent advisory group to promote a shared vision for a prosperous Australian society, whose individuals, information, and institutions are well equipped to deal with the opportunities, threats, and trends.

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