'Hidden Giants': The Future of Australia's Midsize Business

A Vision for Australia - Global Access Partners 8th Annual Economic Summit will be held on 7-8 September in the NSW Legislative Assembly Chamber.

The 2017 Summit will highlight midsize business as one of Australia’s top-performing and most innovative sectors, as well as a significant employer and major exporter. Australia can learn much from Germany where the value of the Mittelstand is widely recognised and encouraged. The GAP Summit will explore regulatory, educational, environmental, technological and policy factors that facilitate or hinder meaningful growth in the mid-market and suggest policies and strategies to help Australia’s midsize companies flourish.

A Vision for Australia (formerly the National Economic Review) is an annual Summit designed to lead the debate on productivity, infrastructure, innovation, education, job creation and economic growth. Its parliamentary format encourages open and constructive dialogue and offers unique networking opportunities for its speakers, delegates and international guests.

Each Summit’s theme is informed by the taskforces and stakeholder consultations run by GAP during the year:

Current projects

:: GAP Taskforce on Leadership in Education

:: GAP Taskforce on Productive Ageing

:: GAP Taskforce on the North, Agriculture and the Environment

:: National Economic Review - the Future of jobs: Global Access Partners 6th Annual Growth Summit - 17-18 September 2015, NSW Parliament House, Sydney

:: Vision for Australia