National Consultative Committee on Security & Risk (NCCSR)

In 2003, GAP established the National Consultative Committee on Security & Risk (NCCSR), to promote a shared vision for a prosperous Australian society, whose individuals, information, and institutions are well equipped to deal with the opportunities, threats, and trends of the information technology revolution.

The creation of the NCCSR was the main outcome of the Virtual Opportunity Congress III on Security & Risk held in NSW Parliament House in December 2003. The Congress was organised by GAP and brought together regulators, legislators, consumers and thought leaders from North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

The NCCSR comprises privacy and consumer advocates, leaders in business and technology, regulators and government officials with the aim of identifying priorities for action and canvassing potential solutions in the area of cyber security and identity management. Cross-jurisdictional and bi-partisan by nature, the Committee works closely with officials in various departments, including Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Attorney-General’s Department and the Department of Finance and Deregulation.

The NCCSR facilitates improved policy development through engaging with decision-makers at the highest levels, with the objective of ensuring that Australia is a safe and secure place to live and to do business. The NCCSR has links to other public and private sector thought leaders globally, including recognised advisers to state and federal governments in North America, and members of the European Parliament and OECD.

Since its formation, the NCCSR has focused on stimulating cross-jurisdictional, national action on improving the security of electronic information. The Committee runs extensive stakeholder consultation, prepares policy submissions and reports, initiates projects and hosts major national conferences.

Current projects

:: Australian e-Conservatorium of Music

:: GAP Taskforce on Government Health Procurement